I Am Kin-Char Bamin, Jedi Knight I was 15 the first time I saw Star Wars. I remember that day well. Since that time, I have been a fan of Star Wars.

On these pages you will find Lightsaber Replicas and other Star Wars Props that I have built or bought. There is a section on Lightsaber construction where I offer some ideas about building a Lightsaber prop.

You will also see pictures of some miniatures that I have built or arranged and there are a few links.

I always wanted a Lightsaber and while I was able to find some help and ideas on the Internet, I never could find someone to just tell me how to build one. That's why I wrote the "How to build a Lightsaber in 20 minutes" page. You can find it under the "Building Lightsabers" section. I also explain about how to Rotoscope a Lightsaber Blade for those that want to make a movie or just edit digital pictures. My Star Wars claim to fame is my experience of being on MTV True Life: I have Embarrassing Parents, as an Embarrassing Parent. My oldest son thought I was silly for dressing up like a Jedi, building Lightsabers and playing with "Dolls" (action figures I say). Anyway, you can check out that story by clicking on the "Celebration II & MTV" link below. You can find out my feelings about living the Jedi way . Or if you want to dress like a Jedi, check out My Jedi Oufit. I hope you enjoy my site.

Kin-Char Bamin, Jedi Knight 

Jedi Knight